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I believe in caring for the gifts we have been given--the earth, our hearts and relationships. A portion of our profits are directed to nonprofit organizations that relieve suffering, demonstrate love and restore hope.

Every LOVEDEEPLY~weepfreely Handkerchief is made of 100% premium Pima cotton that has been whitened without the use of chlorine and the invitations are printed on tree-free paper with soy-based inks.

In an effort to revive our once vibrant domestic textile industry, our original designs are handpainted in California, printed in South Carolina and finished in San Francisco using traditional methods, established equipment, and local craftsmen.

I'm also pleased that handkerchiefs can also be a green and economical alternative to single use tissues.

LOVEDEEPLY~weepfreely Handkerchiefs and packaging are made from mostly renewable sources and are biodegradable--returning to the earth after they have served their purpose of bringing beauty and comfort to our human hearts.