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"When a coworker's wife suddenly passed away,  I didn't know what to say or do--this was a perfect gift--thank you!"  Traci M., Glendora, CA

I purchased this for my sweet aunt when my uncle passed away instead of flowers. Beautifully packaged and high quality product. Highly recommend!  Trina F., Salem, OR

This is such a gorgeous handkerchief and the packaging is equally beautiful. I bought this for a close friend that has experienced great loss and she absolutely loved it. She expressed that she will carry it with her for the rest of her life.  Wesley L., USA

The design on this "Courage" handkerchief is so happy and whimsical I just had to give it as a gift to my mom. The message that comes with the gift is a perfect message of encouragement for any occasion. I wish I could give more than five stars!  Rossana C., Santa Cruz, CA

All of these are amazing, both aesthetically and the message that accompanies each one! It brought comfort to a very ill friend to whom I gave one as a gift. Barney W., San Francisco, CA

I love it! This beautiful handkerchief came in an envelope and despite the fact that I had bought it for myself I didn't expect it, so I was still left surprised. The quality is amazing and I don't know if I even want to use it since it's just so beautiful!  Dafne D., AFO, USA

Beautiful gift for someone experiencing great sadness. beautiful presentation, highly recommend Amy F., Bridgman, MI

"I carry my HOPE handkerchief around all the time...haven't had a mommy moment yet but it'll be inevitable and I'll be prepared!"Lisa M., San Rafael, CA

"When I was a little girl I was given a box of old handkerchiefs..they were beautiful. I loved the patterns and bright colors on them. They were so soft and delicate. I would play with them and tuck one in my pocket. I don't know what happened to those old handkerchiefs, but I sure wish I still had them. I love that you are bringing the handkerchief back. They are beautiful and the freedom they represent is, too."   Barb T., Franklin, TN

My 93 year old Mom was beside herself with grief with the loss of her oldest Son. On the 1 year anniversary I found this. It was a PERFECT gift. The envelope that the 'card/handkerchief' comes with is elegant. The handkerchief is lovely. She folded the hankie up and put it in her purse and the beautiful card that comes with it is still sitting out in her library. Muriel K., Alexandria, VA

"LOVE THESE!"   Andra B., Franklin, TN

"...a sensitive and beautiful gift for a little girl who lost her mom to breast cancer, it made her feel special and cared for...thank you for a great product."  Pauline L., Tracy CA

"I read every bit of your website and was deeply moved.  I know that every hanky that belonged to my mom is precious to me and I remember many tears wiped from them.  You are going to be a blessing to many families with this..."    Marla S., Windsor, CO

Your handkerchiefs make wonderful gifts for any occasion."  Pamela G., San Francisco