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I like to call handkerchiefs "permission slips to cry".

After a sudden loss in my life, I found that my tears would come at unexpected times and inconvenient places. I would dig around for a wad of shriveled tissue and try to "be strong" and silence my grief.

Somehow Western culture is uncomfortable with grief .

Newscasts from other parts of the world can show a wailing mother doubleovered with grief at the loss of a son. I am struck by how those surrounding her allow her to openly grieve. They don't try to shush her or tell her that everything is going to be alright. Let her wail, let her weep. Her momma's heart has loved to it's core and it is breaking with sorrow. There is nothing weak about this--rather it is incredibly tender and demonstrative of the deep love she had for what was lost. This is brave and beautiful.

I think we can learn from this.

I founded this company as a way to comfort those whose heart is full of emotion--to grant them permission to cry-in happy times and difficult times. To remind them that it is a beautiful, tender expression of their human soul to LOVE DEEPLY and weep freely.

Many times, there are simply no words to say at a time of loss. Flowers wilt and cards get tossed aside, but these original handkerchiefs provide a friend with a lasting and practical expression of care. To allow them a place of dignity and beauty for their tears and to remind them that they are loved.

The idea of comfort and healing on a larger scale is also important-therefore a portion of proceeds from designated handkerchiefs help fund a variety of nonprofit organizations that promote healing, restoration and comfort.

My favorite description of heaven is in Revelations 21:4. It describes a day where there will be no more sorrow, no more sickness, no more pain or death.  A day when there will be no need for handkerchiefs because the very hand of God will wipe away every tear.

Until That Day,